Inglewood Craftsman Home

Restoring our 1906 home in Inglewood CA on a budget

Learning about the House

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Sometimes, the style of a house is pretty hard to identify. Using this article from American Bungalow magazine, I’m fairly confident in saying it’s a Craftsman Bungalow AKA California Bungalow. We know it was built in 1906, which is before Inglewood had power, according to the Inglewood historical society. However, some of the light fixtures seem original, and the walls are wired in a way that would have been difficult to manage after building. Therefore, we’ve surmised that the house was built ready to plug into the grid, but wasn’t electrified until later.

I plan to visit the LA County Hall of Records and find out more about the home if possible, but for now, I’ve been looking through the amazing “yearbook” assemblages that were donated to the Inglewood historical society. I’ve found through these yearbooks and through the 1928 phone book reverse directory that the second owners of the home, Max and Louisa Gersabeck, were Germans from Detroit who bought the home in 1927. Max was the town barber!

The home isn’t on the original Inglewood planning map, as our street has changed names and is a bit east of the original map. We’re also hoping to find out why it was built on a hill rather than on the flat ground next to the hill; one of the inspectors’ hypothesis is that the family was quite well-off and wanted an ocean view, which they would have had at the time (before urban sprawl moved in).

I’ll likely be volunteering with the historical society (in order to learn more) and adding pictures of the street from that time period, but for now, here’s an amazing 1895 Los Angeles image to help you imagine what the folks who built the house looked like!



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