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From ‘Creepy Lakers Room’ to ‘Elegant Man-Cave’ for $500

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Thbeforeafterbasement2is project was all Jon’s.


As you can see from our before video and these before-and-after photos, this finished basement room was quite strange when we moved in. It was covered in LA Lakers posters and painted to match. The lighting was a mixture of outdoor and fluorescent, and the area over the door had a strange rectangular gap with a shelf.

Jon transformed this room into an area for his drums and equipment by doing the following:

-Remove disgusting old carpet

image (1)

-Build a wood platform for the drums and carpet the drum area

image (5)image (4)

-Paint the walls, ceiling, and remaining floor an even grey

-Change out the light fixtures for gallery lights

-Seal off area above the door

All for around $500! The shelves he installed in the room were an additional $200.

photo (2) image (6)


One thought on “From ‘Creepy Lakers Room’ to ‘Elegant Man-Cave’ for $500

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