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Power-Washing: Almost a New Sidewalk

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We rented a power washer the other weekend and cleaned the sidewalk, porch, back stoop, stairs, and even the brick patio area. I’m sure our water bill will be much higher this month, but the amount of difference is amazing! The front porch and back stoop in particular look brand-new, with only a few exceptions (stains here and there that the washing didn’t remove, such as rust and wax).  Eventually, we want to stain and seal that concrete porch area, upgrading its look significantly (maybe even making it look like tile or another effect the concrete stains can create), but for now, just a clean slate makes such a difference.

Renting a power washer is a very cheap way to make an entire area look much better quickly!

This isn’t our sidewalk, but ours definitely had this much of a difference.powerwashing2


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