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Budget Bathroom Finds (and Other Finds)


I went out hunting this past weekend for some good house items. I looked on Craigslist (for both items and garage/estate sales) as well as at the Habitat for Humanity ReStores in both Gardena and Pasadena.

With less than $150, I purchased the following:

12 antique/vintage books, including this tiny math text from the 1830s. The girl (I’m assuming she was a young girl, since she was learning basic math) who wrote her name in it writes in a style that I would previously have described as “grandma writing”. Now I realize that this style of cursive is simply how everyone wrote until recently!


This wall-hung sink from the 1920s. It needs a new drain, but came with the originIMG_20140423_083112_753al hot and cold taps! I’d like to order a mixing faucet to add to the set, and we’ll have to figure out how to install a wall-hung sink (so far looking pretty tough). This was my most expensive purchase at $55.

11 square feet of hexagonal tile (the kind that would have originally been in both bathrooms, probably). Yes, 11 square feet won’t cover much, but at $1.50 per square foot instead of the normal $5-12 per square foot, I couldn’t resist. I figure it will be pretty easy to match with a regularly priced set and continue the tile when I’m ready to install it.

IMG_20140419_100224_466A vintage-looking mirror (the wood is laminate, so it’s certainly not real vintage) that has crown moulding-like borders. The lower right hand corner has a little water damage, so I may pull off that bottom section and replace it if I can find similar trim. This is the best deal I got during my shopping trip, at the amazing price of FREE!

This outdoor lantern-style fixture. I’d like to put it in the front porch, where the current fixture doesn’t quite match the style of the house.IMG_20140419_094706_161

2 doorknob backplate sets and 2 mortise lock sets. I noticed that the ones I’m switching out with vintage knobs are put on with contemporary doorknob hardware. That means that the antiques won’t even work on the doors! The lock sets will make all that much easier. They’ll also be useful for whenever I finally get around to stripping and staining the old five-panel door we found outside in the backyard!


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Morgan Meredith writes about mental health, travel, and tech, based on her own experiences. Morgan left her job at a tech startup in 2017 to travel the world, and hasn’t stopped! She’s passionate about making travel as accessible for people with mental health challenges as it is for those who are nerotypical. She is also an outspoken advocate for destigmatizing mental health. Morgan received an MFA from Washington University in St. Louis, and a BFA and BA at Bradley University. Hire Morgan for your project or speaking engagement at

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