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Can Lights Transformed to Craftsman Pendants

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The other day, we had a This Old House marathon. I watched that show with my parents when I was a kid, and had no idea it was still on! Turns out Apple TV includes PBS, which now runs This Old House. We watched probably a dozen episodes in a row!

One DIY project the show demonstrated particularly piqued my interest. The short segment showed how to turn a can light fixture into a normal pendant/chandelier fixture without any drywall work! Apparently, a product exists to solve exactly this problem. I ordered two of these for the project.

IMG_20140129_123823_648A little backstory: the kitchen has all can light fixtures: four on one half of the fader light switch, two on the other half (controlled by a separate slider). During an afternoon walk at work, I randomly found these three light fixtures laying on the street! Yes, someone just tossed these outside a Santa Monica apartment. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the third one (Etsy , maybe?), but the two leaded glass square fixtures certainly belonged in the house. After kicking around a few ideas on location (over the new fireplace? somewhere in the hallway?), we decided on the kitchen’s two separate can lights. I’d been waiting to have the time to figure out how to pull out the can fixtures and install regular fixtures, but the This Old House episode made it clear that this project would be much easier than anticipated.

The lamps even had their wires attached, which made for easy splicing. We took off one of the sections of stem in order to make sure no tall people would hit their heads on the fixtures. When we tried the lamps with the original fixture adapters and their white plate covers, the effect honestly looked pretty strange. Instead, I took the enclosed metal plates and painted them a flat white to match them with the ceiling better.

Unfortunately, we did end up having to drill some new holes in the metal of these fixture adapters, since the manufactured holes didn’t quite line up with our can lights. However, the whole project got done over only a few hours! Obviously the bulbs need to change, but the fixtures look GREAT in the kitchen.


P.S.: Bonus recommendation… the This Old House Pinterest account is FANTASTIC.IMG958303


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One thought on “Can Lights Transformed to Craftsman Pendants

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