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Backyard Progress: Jackhammer-Style

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IMG_8184IMG_5402    I went out of town for a weekend, so Jon took the opportunity to rent a jackhammer and go crazy. In following the Master Plan, we’re headed toward the first step of relocating the hot tub to the back left corner of the property. There, we and our guests will experience more privacy and quiet. Plus, in that area we can build seating around the hot tub on level ground so that guests can hang out with each other without necessarily being IN the tub.

In order to get the tub moved, we need the ground to be level. In order to create that level surface, we have to remove this weird concrete spot. A landscape architect friend had originally thought it might have been a cap to a deep well, but we checked and its depth was not far enough to indicate that was the case. Our final landscape designer, Melanie, had theorized that the spot was a foundation for a kiln, which made sense to me based on its shape (and gave me an even stronger connection to the house, as obviously other creatives had lived here at some point).

Throughout the yard, we’d also been finding random concrete footings (and had some leftover footings from removing various weird fenceposts and poles). Jon broke those down as well. After removing the footings from the patio, he filled the area with bricks, then changed the bricks to be the kind that matched better with the area.IMG954408

When I got back, we both removed random tiny “patios” (usually made of only a few bricks laid out together) from all over the yard. Since one of our raised planter beds is still empty of dirt, we could put many of our waste bricks into it.

I then pulled up all the edging bricks around the yard, which had probably at one point separated something from something, but which were now mostly buried underground. In total, we had about 25, which I put on Craigslist Free along with all the other random bricks we’d picked up. Someone came within a few hours and loaded them all out!IMG_20140420_110828_883

Jon also added edging and lava rocks to the weird area next to the grill and patio by the neighbor’s fence.



Next steps: calling the gas company to check before we dig, digging for the electric line for the hot tub, installing the outlet on the far end of the small yard, draining and cleaning the tub, then rolling it to its new location and filling it!


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