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Found: Beautiful Quilt, Silk Roman Shades!

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IMG_20140612_234054_679Now that we’re doing Air BnB, we need the guest room to look its best all the time. In order to do that, it was time to revamp the bedding situation. Some of the queen-sized sheets had been taken camping with us (read: had some dirt stains), and I noticed a small hole in the other set. Furthermore, the bedspread had once been put in a too-hot dryer, which caused a burn hole right in the middle. It was time.

IMG_20140610_080504_118I wanted a quilt, preferably one with diamonds on it to match the diamond muntins on the windows. After poking around Etsy and even Amazon for quilts that weren’t too gaudy or too old, I found a great steal on Ebay. The quilt was hugely discounted because it had a slight tear in it, likely due to a box cutter upon opening originally, according to the seller. When the quilt arrived, I easily fixed the tear (which was hardly noticeable) with some fabric glue. I got this queen-sized Woolrich quilt for $62 including shipping. It didn’t come with any shams or anything, but the quilt is big enough to put over the pillows, which I think would  be the appropriate arrangement.

After I added the linen-like curtains in the guest room (all from Ross, along with the curtain rod, for a total purchase of about $70), I realized the small window over the bed also   looked slightly naked. I was planning to take a full-length curtain and just shorten it to the height of the window, and bought several curtain designs to try. None matched, and it seemed Ross was fresh out of faux linen, though I did purchase another matching curtain rod and install it in anticipation of the new curtains.

And then Craigslist’s free section IMG_20140610_080443_544delivered. I found these amazing SILK Roman shades for free! One happened to match the window’s width exactly, and the set came with two other, more narrow shades. While the smaller ones don’t really belong anywhere, I stripped the fabric off one and used it to create accent pillow covers! I simply re-covered the accent pillows from the green bedding set, rather than buying new ones. Each pillow took only 3 easy seams to make! Leaving the shade halfway open creates some beautiful light effects.

The last piece of the puzzle was this adorable burlap-looking pillow from Ross. The visible side is actually supposed to be the back (the front has a screen-printed design with a bird on a branch or something), but I liked the button side much better.

I still have about one and a quarter of the skinny shades’ fabric left. What else should I make?





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