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Faux Antique Brass Finish on Plated Brass



photo 2 (1)

Final product!


Walking through the bathroom, I noticed a distinctive shine peeking through the obviously (and messily) “silver” brush-painted and spraypainted pipes on the bathtub. I’m actually surprised the pipes weren’t spraypainted, given the style of “work” on the rest of the home, actually.


Silver paint removed


Excited, I grabbed the steel wool and began gently scrubbing. Aha! Beautiful shiny brass! I ordered some brass aging solution on eBay at a discount. When it arrived, I attempted to use it without taking off the pipes, so I applied it with cotton balls. I noticed that the solution worked effectively, but only in certain areas. I figured that perhaps the brass was lacquered, since the instructions on the aging solution mention removing lacquer with acetone before aging. I broke out the acetone and more cotton balls, and… was incredibly disappointed. Under the shiny brass was more silver; the pipes were only brass-plated.




The shiny plated brass was way too bright (can I say brassy here? no?) and didn’t match anything else in the room, so I was set on aging it. I explored online, but only found solutions to age *real* brass or to make other things (ping pong balls, wooden frames) look like brass. Nothing I saw talked about making other metals look like aged brass- other than, of course, with spraypaint. I poked around a bit in the bathroom , and unfortunately, the claw feet on the tub were the same layered brass plate with paint over them. I left much more of the silver paint on these because I was so discouraged!


With Spanish Copper Rub N Buff


Brass aging solution

After seeing this tutorial, I decided to go ahead and give Rub N Buff a try. I ordered Spanish copper and black on Amazon, planning to add dark accents withthe black. It turned out that just the Spanish copper was the perfect color (all the tutorials I found recommended using one of the gold colors, but the golds just looked WAY too bright and shiny). It’s a waxy product with different colors that I literally just rubbed onto the existing metal.

The Rub N Buff stuck much better to the leftover silver paint than it did to the smooth brass plating! This discovery made me wish I’d left more of that paint on in the first place. The silver peeking through here and there gives the “brass” an even more aged feel. Highly recommend! If you use it, though, make sure to not rub too much, or you’ll remove the product. I’m excited to try it on a few more items around the house to age them! Items on the list: a fixture in the library, the shower curtain rods (done, post coming soon), the plated brass on the new toilet seat closure, and maybe some of the existing silver light fixtures.



photo 1 (1)

With Spanish Copper and Grecian Gold Rub n Buff

Oh, and after I bought some Grecian Gold for the shower curtain rod, I added some highlights onto the feet and pipe, for this final look.


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