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Found: Vintage Ballot Bag Turned Pillow!

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IMG_0085I had some extra time while visiting the Dallas area, and I stumbled upon an antique store in the middle of nowhere- that just so happened to be open on a Sunday after 5PM. Most restaurants aren’t even open on Sundays, so I felt lucky enough just to find the place.

Wandering around for a bit led me to a few purchases, mostly old books and a couple sad irons (which we use for door stops). As I headed toward the exit with my purchases, I noticed a pile of throw pillows sitting inside and on top of an old wooden chest. I read the block-printed letters, not sure if they’d been recently printed to look old or were actually old. Taking a look at the tags, I saw the description, which included the origin of the pillows. These are original election ballot bags that have been turned into throw pillows.  From what I can gather, election ballots used to be transported from the election site to a counting facility via these official bags (these were all from the 1950s and 1960s).

I started looking through the pillows and noticed they were all from various counties in Illinois! I then noticed that several were from the county and voting precinct I grew up in. CRAZY! I had to snag one! What a cool idea.

Text from the pillow:


The Judges of Election will place in this Bag the Ballots Voted only of an Election held November 4th 1958

in 15 District, of York Precinct

County of DuPage State of Illinois

to [Clarence Magnimon?] County Clerk

of DuPage County


Stamped on the bottom: Frank Thornber Co. Chicago


Now I’d just like to protect the fabric with a coating that won’t allow the dogs to harm it, since I think the words might just wash off. Anyone have suggestions?


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Morgan Meredith writes about mental health, travel, and tech, based on her own experiences. Morgan left her job at a tech startup in 2017 to travel the world, and hasn’t stopped! She’s passionate about making travel as accessible for people with mental health challenges as it is for those who are nerotypical. She is also an outspoken advocate for destigmatizing mental health. Morgan received an MFA from Washington University in St. Louis, and a BFA and BA at Bradley University. Hire Morgan for your project or speaking engagement at

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