Inglewood Craftsman Home

Restoring our 1906 home in Inglewood CA on a budget

Wooden Toilet Seats

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IMG_0047IMG_0030Most Craftsman bathroom experts will agree that period-accurate bathrooms would have and should contain wooden toilet seats. Though our toilets in both a207915124bc709245d64c_sbathrooms are the newfangled types (originally, the home would have had high-tank toilets like the wooden one below or this one I spotted at 33323 W. Washington in Culver City), toilet design hasn’t really changed much in the last century. It’s therefore pretty easy to make a newer design toilet appear older with easy accessories like the seat and handle.

After purchasing a wooden seat at a steal from Ross, I discovered the attaching hardware was a hideous orange plastic! Definitely not a match. I bandied around with various options on Amazon for weeks, even making a purchase and return, before landing on the two right options for our bathrooms. Yes, this really did take that much effort and thought.

The dark wood seat for the main bathroom complements the wood in the hallway and grounds the excessive amount of white in the room. The brass hardware (which disappointingly turned out to be brass-plated, so I had to use Rub N Buff rather than my brass aging solution to make it appear aged) matches the sink, light fixture, and shower enclosure. In the guest bathroom, the light oak seat keeps the small room from looking cramped, and the silver hardware matches all the towel racks and hooks in the room. Of course that baseboard has got to go, but we’re planning to redo that whole guest bathroom at some point soon. We actually bought a Groupon for a 3-D modeling plan of the new bathroom just to get some ideas. Stay tuned!IMG_0045IMG_0048


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