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Salvaged Stained Glass in Laundry Room


At a recent estate sale, I picked up a bunch of stained glass windows for a steal- $160. Trying to decide what to do with them, I realized one measured roughly the same aspect ratio as the bland laundry room windows. Two quick cup hooks and some cleaning supplies later, we have a great point of interest in the formerly all-white room.

Eventually, I’d like to spend some time removing the weird nail polish-like paint from the leading and frame of this stained glass, but it looks great weathered anyhow.image image

With a few extra minutes on my hands, I started stripping the paint from the brass window hardware and chains on the windows. Just 30 minutes of this stuff removes most of the layers of white paint! I will need to remove the chains and soak/scrub them to really get the paint off. Little things are providing this laundry room hallway with visual interest, which is nice since it’s also the entrance to the guest bathroom!




3 thoughts on “Salvaged Stained Glass in Laundry Room

  1. Looks great, Morgan! Love, Gramma Jo

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