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“Cameo Creations” Decor

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IMG_0339IMG_0340I received a very cool Buy-Nothing Christmas gift from my mother- these Cameo Creations portraits. She’d bought them at an antique store years ago, and they’d hung in my parents’ home for quite some time before a redecoration.


A little research informed me that Cameo Creations were produced mostly from the 1940s-1950s, and provided an affordable way for rising middle-class homes to have high-quality art. Essentially, these items were printed and framed reproductions of famous portraits, mostly quite small.

Currently, Cameo Creations sell for between $5-$30 each. These ladies round out our library quite nicely! Thanks Mom!IMG_0477IMG_0445


One thought on ““Cameo Creations” Decor

  1. Hi Morgan: Thanks for keeping us up-dated. “Hi” to Jonathan. Love you, Gramma Jo

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