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Guest Bath Plans


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.48.12 PM

Current layout

I’m excited to unveil the new plans for our guest bathroom!

With all the guests we have visiting, we’ve received some great feedback about the functionality of the bathroom. It’s a tiny space that was likely converted from a closet somewhat recently, probably the 1950s or so. These are some of the only drywall walls in the home. The pre-fab tub requires a wall, so the installers just built an arbitrary one, effectively creating a useless corner and making the bath seem even smaller. The bathroom also has no storage (except for the strange under-stairs shelf near the toilet and the ugly pre-fab vanity cabinet), and guests have expressed frustration about not knowing where to put their toiletries. Although the room abuts an exterior wall, it has no window- not even a small one! The trim around the walls consists of a strange industrial-seeming plastic variety.

Items of action:

-Add a window! One from my stained glass estate sale collection is at the top of the list.

-Turn the bath into a standing shower to maximize space

-Add a real medicine cabinet in the wall (I found one on Craigslist from a demolition and snagged it for $20)

-New (refurbished old) door- a gorgeous 5-panel door was sitting in the BACKYARD (eek!) as a makeshift gate, so I’ve rescued it and restored it, though it’s been time-consuming!

-Replace cheap and anachronistic vanity sink with a salvaged 1920s sink

-Probably add wainscoting on the bottom half of the walls to add visual interest

-Hexagonal floor tile (not reflected in design)

For the plans, I purchased a Groupon for a 3-D design package from Built to Perfection. The contractors who visited were professional and friendly, and though they let me know that their rendering software wouldn’t be able to recreate the old fixtures I’ve found and we’re planning to use, we could at least get the basic idea of the layout. Unfortunately, we ran into some issues with some code (certain number of inches from the toilet to the wall required, etc.), and we won’t be working with Built to Perfection on this project unless we win the lottery.

Also, I don’t want glass walls or doors for the standing shower, so that will look a bit different as well. We’ll probably just use shower curtains, now that we know how to make custom shaped rods. The inside will be subway tile. My Pinterest board has some idea of the direction it will head.

I might do some Photoshop renderings of what the final product will look like (using the layout from the 3-D design). Stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.16.48 PM

View of weird prefab wall, see right for strange storage area

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.48.27 PM

Morgan4 (1)

Morgans-2 NEW PLANS!!



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  2. Hi Morgan: Thanks for sharing what you’re doing and also thank you so much for the phone call re your grandmother’s passing. You are sooo sweet. I’m sorry I didn’t get to call your mother over the week-end but it’s on my “list.” Your parents are so nice. Love you, Gramma Jo Please tell Jonathan that we love him too. The guest bath will be lovely I’m sure.

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