Inglewood Craftsman Home

Restoring our 1906 home in Inglewood CA on a budget


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We finally got started composting a few months ago! I’d like to learn vermicomposting techniques, but for now, just the basics.

Found this adorable counter composter on Amazon, of all places!


Found this huge Earth Machine composter on Craigslist for only $30. Sweet deal, considering it was brand new! I love Craigslist, but there are a few things I won’t buy used- a composter is one of them.

IMG_1689 (1)

I checked a few compost guides, and it turns out you can compost:

-Used napkins and paper towels

-Coffee grounds



-Dog hair (yuck!!)


And way more! Hope to have some great soil for next season’s garden. I’d also like to put in a Doggie Dooley or equivalent at some point. Hey, we want to reuse everything around here!


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