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Restoring our 1906 home in Inglewood CA on a budget

The Closet Reformation Begins: Shoes.

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IMG_1649We live in a 1906 house with a 1906 bedroom closet… and a 2015 wardrobe. Even with Jon’s minimalist style and easy-shelf-reaching height, this combination in our shared closet  creates a mess.

This project has already proven to be intimidating. We can’t just leave pieces of it in the basement while we make do without it (like we can for bathroom cabinets we’ve never used or doors we’ve found in the backyard). No, this one essentially requires a complete overhaul fairly quickly and all at once. I also refuse to remove the beautiful built-ins that came with the house, such as the three drawers in each closet, but that complicates the design significantly.

Of course, I started the planning on Pinterest. The first project I found seemed like a manageable chunk while I design the rest: shoe racks from moulding. Before this, my shoes were all either in cubbies, in a cheap fabric shoe storage cabinet behind my dresses, or in some of the built-in drawers.

Brick moulding was the material of choice, since the others didn’t seem to support my taller and thinner heels well, determined by some short samples. I planned out the layout, measured multiple times (the walls aren’t exactly even at all points, which was fun), purchased the moulding, cut it to size, and installed! Screws in the studs for support, of course, even though the shoes don’t weigh much.  Some of the teeny-tiny heels slide precariously close to the front of the molding, so I think I may install something with a little texture that can catch them- possibly that air conditioning foam.

The shoe racks actually go all the way over the door as well for even more shoe storage, but I don’t need to use those (yet). Just preparing for the future!

IMG_1650Unfortunately, these racks don’t hold my wedges (or motorcycle boots/shoes), so those are still in cubbies (above) until I come up with a better solution. Luckily, this new system did open up space in the lower cubbies for shirts and sweaters. Flip-flops and sandals also don’t fit on here, so they’re temporarily in a hanging shoe storage rack. And boots are still under the bed in storage compartments, but I’d like to hang them from hangers once the rest of the closest is done. However, overall, I love the view of all my shoes and how easy it is to color-coordinate or choose the perfect pair. I won’t forget about any pairs! And no comment on the wide selection I have!

I got quite lucky toward the beginning of this planning process, and found two very nice full California Closets systems on Craigslist Free (yes, they were FREE)! They looked like this installed in their previous home, so I have plenty of options for layouts in our closet. I may even want to overhaul the guest closet as well at some point with all the extra material. Hoping to have another update on the closets soon!




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