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Litter Sign on Hillside

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IMG_2053Our favorite Etsy signmaker, who made our gorgeous mission-style “Please Lock Gate” sign, came to the rescue once again when I finally became fed up with all the litter people throw onto our hillside. We live near a busy music venue, so people often throw their trash into our bushes or on the hillside (which, to be fair, does look like vacant land- not that vacancy would be an excuse for litter, but people do feel more entitled to do it when it doesn’t affect people directly). I’d gotten tired of picking up trash every day on our dog walks, so thought we’d try out a sign. I designed it and hoped the wording would be clever enough to be funny, but serious enough to be effective.

We had to be sure to install the sign close enough to the sidewalk to be noticed, but far enough to be too difficult for would-be graffiti artists to reach.

Jon installed the sign in the very tough dirt with some metal bars attached to garden posts.

Amazingly, it’s been working like a charm! In fact, we might even put up another one in the bushes to further discourage litter in that area.


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