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Art Nouveau Shade for 1920s Floor Lamp

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At a recent prop auction, I discovered some beautiful light fixtures with these Art Nouveau style shades. The leading appears to be bronze or some other heavy metal, and the glass seems to have been poured into the leading. Simply a gorgeous effect! Two of the shades arrived broken, and even removing the broken glass proved a bit tricky because of the way it was created. I actually used a hammer!

The two shades that arrived intact now sit on the early 1900s floor lamp I bought on Ebay and on one of the guest room light fixtures. I’ve bought some mica sheets to make new interior shades for the other two, and will hopefully be completing those soon for the master bath’s new vanity fixture.

I’ve already sold the original fixtures themselves, as the style doesn’t really fit the house and we don’t need any more sconces anyhow. That sale made this project free, actually!IMG_2593


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